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Providing work experience opportunities connects Roadside to community

Providing work experience opportunities connects Roadside to community
July 30, 2021
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Roadside Services and Solutions is proud of providing opportunities to people keen to start a career in the light manufacturing sector.

During this year’s work experience week, Roadside’s signmaking division hosted Norwood Secondary College year 10 student Zaven Nenejian. The experience was all the more special for Zaven because he could see and learn the skills his father Moses has gained since starting work at Roadside two years ago.

Roadside management has a strong commitment to support the communities in which it works.

Roadside Managing Director Craig Woods says, “Sharing our work and trade skills to provide young people guidance for their future work choices is one way we enjoy growing our community involvement.”

Zaven’s experience at Roadside included working through the various stages of manufacturing road signs but also looking at the business side of the trade. This meant spending time at each stage of the process from receiving a client order, processing the order, putting it into production, producing it, preparing the account for the client for payment and finally delivering it.

Zaven is already thinking about his future job options and career journey. Aged 16 and in year 10, he is looking at his subjects’ selection for years 11 and 12. He is keen to do a trade and exploring the various trade options available. Becoming a carpenter is one trade that has piqued his interest.

“I wanted to come and do my work experience at Roadside not just because dad is so happy working here, but because I’ve got an interest in finding out and seeing how a road signs are produced,” Zaven said.

“My friends chose very different work areas but for me, not knowing anything about this trade meant I could get the opportunity to learn something new and may even consider it as a job in the future. I am really pleased I’m getting to experience it first-hand with my dad and many of his colleagues showing me their role in the whole process. I love they let me do some things under their watchful eye.”

Zaven is a keen boxer, loves playing footy and riding his bike. Asked if he had the choice to meet anyone in the world and its clear that family and fame are top on his agenda.

“If I could meet anyone in the world I’d choose my aunty because I miss her so much and professional boxer Ryan Garcia because I am a boxer and would love to be as successful as him.

The Nenehj family emigrated to Australia in 2017. Armenian-born, Moses Nenehj and his family, wife and two sons arrived in Melbourne via Lebanon and Syria. Since 2019 there is a whole new family who greet Moses every day at Roadside Services and Solutions.

Learn more about the Nenahj family story here and how Moses came to Roadside Services:

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