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Armour Security Bollards ASB

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Armour Security Bollards ASB

Armour Security Bollards are designed to protect shop fronts and assets without impeding pedestrian access and flow.

The Armour Security Bollard can be utilised for numerous applications where the speed limit and risk is low but the need to protect is deemed high. It is a non-deforming bollard ideally suited to protect carparks, hospitals, shopfronts, auto tellers, work zones and many other areas where vehicle impacts are likely due to driver error or negligence. They can also assist in keeping infrastructure and facilities safe from deliberate actions by drivers.

Protecting shop fronts and assets

The Armour Security Bollards help to ensure you have the right system in place to properly protect your assets from an out-of-control vehicle or the worst case scenario of a vehicle under control but used with the intention to inflict damage. These bollards can be fitted with additional safety devices including a solar flashing light for additional security and awareness at night.

At Roadside Services we continue to innovate our product and service delivery to ensure our bollards meet the highest protection and safety requirements for each site.