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Energy Absorbing Bollard 20 (EAB20)

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Energy Absorbing Bollard 20 (EAB20)

Perfect protection for limited-speed traffic situations including shopping centres, car parks, factory floors and anywhere surrounding traffic speed is limited to 20km/h.

This Energy Absorbing Bollard 20 (EAB20) is crash-tested and rated to protect assets from vehicles travelling up to 20km/h. What distinguishes the EAB20 from decorative bollards seen in most car parks and shopping centres is the EAB20 is buried 450-500mm below ground.

Most decorative bollards are only surface mounted, often installed without concrete or steel reinforcement. They provide no protection to assets from uncontrolled vehicles, even travelling at speeds as low as 5-10km/h. In fact these decorative bollards can become flying projectiles if hit by a moving car and create further damage and injury to assets and people.