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Energy Absorbing Bollard EAB - Product Manual

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Energy Absorbing Bollard EAB - Product Manual

Roadside Services and Solutions is a proud producer and distributor of traffic control products, including Energy Absorbing Bollards designed to protect pedestrians, buildings, infrastructure and other facilities from errant vehicles or keep vehicles out of unauthorised areas. A number of these products are also designed to minimise damage to vehicles and injury to occupants.

The range of bollards available suits various situations and a range of speed impacts expected in these situations. They can be used in individual circumstances or in combination with other bollards such as in pedestrian malls. In a worst case scenario the bollards can help protect areas where there are high numbers of pedestrians from deliberate acts intended to injure as many people as possible.

In 2017 Roadside Services and Solutions became the Australian distributor of the most technologically advanced Energy Absorbing Bollard, which has undergone rigorous testing to protect outdoor diners and infrastructure assets. Other Roadside EAPs (Energy Absorbing Products) include the EAB20 – specially designed bollards for public and car parking facilities (tested to 20km/h), the Energy Absorbing Pole/Tree Buffer (rated up to 80km/h) and the globally unique Energy Absorbing Light Pole (remains upright after a 70km/h impact).

The Energy Absorbing Products supplied and installed by Roadside Services and Solutions add to the wholly Australian-owned company’s other products, including traffic and safety signs, line-marking, safety products, road and footpath plastic products, carpark and industrial barrier products, and civil construction works.

While most people take these products for granted, there are specific requirements relating to manufacture, installation and placement of these items, all aimed at keeping users safe from hazards.

At Roadside Services and Solutions we have pre-qualification with VicRoads and South Australia’s Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, and we regularly supply products to Roads and Maritime Services in NSW, the Northern Territory Government and its preferred contractors.

Roadside Services also has been certified in Quality, the Environment and OH&S.