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Adelaide’s Rundle Street Mall retractable bollards upgraded

Adelaide’s Rundle Street Mall retractable bollards upgraded
August 2, 2022
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You may have seen some of our crew working on the east entrance to Adelaide’s Rundle Mall for most of June 2022.

Adelaide City Council engaged Roadside Services and Solutions to upgrade the hydraulics on the retractable bollards installed in the area.

As part of the solution to be both ongoing and sustainable, it was decided the system be redesigned so it is easy to remove and replace in future with easy access to maintenance capability without the need to break ground, provided there is no extensive vehicle damage to the system.

Roadside Services and Solutions Managing Director Craig Woods says, “We had to jackhammer through at least 850mm of concrete to remove the existing hydraulic bollards and make way for the new design to be installed. It certainly was a very manual job that even saw our head of civils Craig McDonald, working on the tools to make sure the job was done absolutely right.”

The work also involved coring the concrete for the conduits to bypass the pits to the design location. The crew then laid the conduits in the trench to the logic controller from the bollards.

The new power pack for the retractable bollards is customised to be a more compact version. Both the hydraulic system and smart relay logic controller are contained in one unit. This was a requirement by Adelaide City Council as they wanted the power pack to be lifted from the pit into a secure location instead of having a large cabinet housing.

The power source to the bollards was also upgraded to ensure a higher level of performance with less supply issues and reduced maintenance. Testing of the two new hard-chromed bollard shafts marks the successful installation of the system.

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