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Ben Dickson leading the Roadside team as national manager

Ben Dickson leading the Roadside team as national manager
September 12, 2023
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Ben Dickson leading theRoadside team as national manager

Ben Dickson is Roadside Services and Solutions National Manager and the Managing Director Craig Woods’ right-hand-man in supporting the company’s leadership across signmaking, civil works, linemarking, guardrail installation and installation of bollards.

Ben Dickson started working at Roadside in August 2013 and recently clocked over 10 years with the company.

“I first started in the business working a couple of days per week to help Craig Woods when he started the business and was working in the signs division as we had worked together for our previous employer,” Ben Dickson says.

“I then became the production manager; then production and installation manager; then national manufacturing manager and now hold the position of national manager.

“During my time at Roadside I have seen significant growth in the company. We started off with signage manufacturing, then installation, guardrail installation and in recent years undertaking significant civil works across South Australia and Victoria.

“It’s interesting how there has been some change to the signage part of the business with the use of digital printers, but overall it’s really stayed the same. It’s an old industry and the technology hasn’t advanced as much as in other areas of industry. I am really lucky I have a great team working with us and they make life easy.

“The biggest change has been the introduction of digital printers which has sped up the printing process.

“A digital printer can print multiple colours at once, whereas previously we would have to cut the colours individually using three or four primary colours to create the design and colours we needed.”

Ben Dickson recalls when he first started working at Roadside, the company started its “from scratch” operations with a few council contacts.

“We then got our first Department of Transport work, now we’re a main supplier for the Department of Transport in South Australia and continuing to build our council contracts as well as with private enterprise providing car park products, speed humps, mirrors and bollards in Victoria, South Australia and the Northern Territory.

“I can see the path of our continued growth for the next 10 years. The steps we’re taking in the civil space is proving to be a big growth area for us.

“We will continue to focus on what we’re good at and continue to deliver the best products and services with our solid team proud of the work we make and deliver,” Ben Dickson says.

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