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Celebrating Australian Made in South Australia

Celebrating Australian Made in South Australia
May 30, 2021
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Roadside’s signmaking manufacturing plant in Lonsdale is the only manufacturer remaining producing road signs in South Australia.

Australian Made certified company, Roadside Services and Solutions embraces this year’s Australian Made Campaign celebrated from 24 – 31 May.

While the state of Victoria is dubbed the manufacturing state, this year for our Australian Made Campaign showcase, Roadside Services shines a light not only on its Victorian manufacturing plant located at 841 Mountain Highway, Bayswater but also its South Australian manufacturing plant located at Sherriffs Road West, Lonsdale.

South Australian signmakers at Roadside’s Lonsdale plant Helen Saunders and Jake Howkins are manufacturing signs for placement on South Australia roads. Jake was previously a part time installer and now he’s working full-time with the team manufacturing signs.

Both are new and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities which Roadside opened in 2019 and 2020 respectively. Previously the company’s operations were located in smaller premises in Croydon, Victoria and Salisbury Plain, South Australia.

With operations growing substantially since Roadside first began operations in 2009 it was time to move with the times of the growing company. A smaller satellite manufacturing base in Darwin, was also relocated last year to accommodate the expanding operations in the Northern Territory.

Nick Ogle works on a Rolls Roller at Roadside’s South Australian plant laminating a printed face to an aluminium strutted guide sign. In this manufacturing process the uni struts lay in the channels so the signage rolls across easily for laminating.

Roadside Services and Solutions is proud of its Australian signs and light steel products manufactured at these locations and the Australians its employs who are committed to give their best to create quality products that are the hallmark of Australian manufacturing excellence.

Last of the remaining South Australian road signs manufacturers

Long-time Roadside employee at our South Australia operations and South Australian Production and Installation Manager Ben Dickson, says manufacturing is important for South Australia.

“We’re one of the only sign manufacturers in South Australia. Our products support many of the  local councils and government authorities involved in the road networks and we’re proud that we can produce these signs right here in Adelaide to keep South Australians safe on the roads,” Ben Dickson says.

New Roadside staffer is Luke Flaxman who works in Roadside’s South Australia Lonsdale plant metal shop carefully navigates the router cutting the signs needed for the manufacturing process.

Of Roadside’s 100 employees across Australia, one-tenth of the workforce is employed to manufacture signs in South Australia.

“We produce hundreds of thousands of signs every year to direct, caution and guide people on the roads, on footpaths and to wherever they may be going.

“While making signs is in our blood, when I think about it, what we manufacture has to be of the highest quality and last the distance because these signs provide the information road and footpath users use to guide them safely to their destination.

“It’s quite a responsibility we have and one that we take very seriously, hence why manufacturing to the highest standards is important in all we do,” Ben Dickson says.

Sri Lankan born and now Australian citizen Alex Warnakulasuriya works as a storeman at Roadside Services and Solutions Lonsdale manufacturing plant in South Australia. Once the newly-manufactured signs are ready for packing, they are crated onto pallets ready for shipment across Australia.

With the demand for road signs growing, the new South Australian signs manufacturing facility at Lonsdale sees a throughput of up to 10 tonnes of aluminium plate per month; hundreds of metres of Orafol reflective material; and up to 10,000 corflute signs produced for road works guidance and caution.

… And signs is just one division of the Roadside manufacturing story. The company’s linemarking division, civil works, guardrail installation and design and installation of bollards ensures road and infrastructure builders can rely on Roadside to provide all the necessary skills, expertise, knowledge and products to undertake a large number of major roadworks across all Australian highways, byways and regional and country roads.

Roadside is a proud Australian Made certified manufacturing company employing Australians born here and Australians who have chosen to make this country their new home.

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