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Greg Bridgman screenprinting for 30 years

Greg Bridgman screenprinting for 30 years
September 14, 2023
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Greg Bridgman screenprinting for 30 years

Greg Bridgman is a qualified screen printer and has been working at Roadside since 2012.

He joined the newly founded Roadside, very soon after it started business. Roadside Managing Director Craig Woods had worked with Greg at their previous employer and when Craig decided it was time to start his own company, he invited Greg across to join him in the new business.

“I’ve worked the router for years. I do screen printing, deliveries, and lay up signs. I’ve been doing this kind of work all my working life which now spans over 30 years,” Greg Bridgman says.

“When I came to Roadside I needed a change. I’d been with my former employer for 22 years. Roadside was going to be a different environment and I felt comfortable coming to work here.

“Having done this job now for more than 30 years I certainly know what I’m doing. I get the job sheets and get on with the work. The management at Roadside has trust in my work and leave me to get on with it and I get on with it to produce the best work I can.

“When I’m driving I look at the signs on the road and sometimes I check the date stamps on them because I can see if they were signs I produced. I like to see how long ago they were made to see how long they are lasting.”

Greg Bridgman says that being in the screen printing division he gets to manufacture most of the bulk orders because if an order is for more than 25 signs, it is better to screen print than lay by hand.

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