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Making school crossings safer in City of Onkaparinga

Making school crossings safer in City of Onkaparinga
March 2, 2023
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Making school crossings safer in City of Onkaparinga

Road safety is important to everyone and ensuring the area around schools keeps everyone safe, requires important infrastructure development.

Case study

The City of Onkaparinga required an upgrade on an existing koala crossing at Glynville Drive, Hackham West.

The work included construction of the new koala crossing, together with trenching, concrete work and road infrastructure installation in Glynville Drive, Hackham West.

The existing koala crossing used in the school area was not effectively directing the school traffic during school peak hours.

To better aid traffic flow it was decided to relocate the crossing closer to the front entrance of the school.

The new koala crossing infrastructure includes a control switchboard, two red and white reflective light poles, and two alternate flashing signal lanterns.

Engineering requirements

Engineering design of the project called for the incorporation of a safer, more organised, and more sustainable traffic and pedestrian-directing design.

Roadside Services and Solutions chose the koala crossing equipment from Traffic Control Systems (TCS). SAGE Automated Systems (SAGE) will provide the future maintenance and required adjustments on the device operating settings.

The upgrade enhances the efficiency of the crossing and acts like a traffic calming device for the road users in the school area.

The project also included the installation of two pedestrian barrier fences on the school side of the crossing.

Fencing improves pedestrian safety

This fencing enhances child safety forcing children to cross the road using the koala crossing.

New concrete pram ramps were built and sections of concrete walk-path were installed to merge new and existing concrete paths.

A new invert was reconstructed at the old crossing site to ease the access of school vehicles.

Clean up and operations

The old koala crossing parts were disposed with council’s approval.

The new koala crossing operational time has been activated to work according to the school’s preference times.

Project delivery

The koala crossing upgrade project has improved safety and provided a more organised traffic direction infrastructure for road and pedestrian users.

The location of the new koala crossing is situated in a more appropriate location for all users to access and use correctly to ensure improved safety.  

Future improvements will be incorporated to ensure the crossing continues to meet and fulfil the latest innovations and efficiencies constantly being developed within the civil infrastructure industry.

Project Personnel

City of Onkaparinga

Elena Murav’eva – Client

Roadside Services and Solutions Team

Craig Mcdonald – Project Manager

Kingsley Noble – Project Manager (SAGE)

Ray Wong – Project Engineer

Han Siah – Site Engineer

Jack Reynolds – Project Civil Lead

Jon Howkins – Civil Member

Warren White – Civil Member

Ryan Goldsworthy – Civil Member

TCS – Koala Crossing Installation & Removal

TREO Civil – Concreter 1

Opal Construction – Concreter 2

Action Line Marking – Line Marking Installation

SAPN – Commissioning & Decommissioning

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