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Reservoir signs point to a new adventure

Reservoir signs point to a new adventure
December 3, 2021
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Reservoir signs point to a new adventure

As the weather warms up and South Australians look for cooling water holes to fish, hike, picnic and simply to enjoy the great outdoors, Roadside Services' signs will point you in the right direction.

For the first time in more than 120 years, the community will be able to kayak, fish, picnic, ride and run when the reservoirs around Adelaide open for recreational access – enabled by the state government’s landmark initiative to open reservoirs for all South Australians to enjoy.

SA Water will be opening up eight reservoirs around Adelaide for the public to enjoy. The official opening will be conducted by South Australia Minister for Environment and Water, David Speirs December 11 at Happy Valley Reservoir.

The reservoirs are located outside the Adelaide metropolitan area and a short drive for most Adelaide residents to enjoy a day trip of canoeing, fishing, bike-riding, walking and a traditional Aussie picnic.  

The South Australian government embarked on a plan to give South Australians these great assets to enjoy for outdoor recreational purposes.

Minister David Speirs said, “At Happy Valley, the new amenities will include two kayak launch areas, car parks with trailer and kayak drop-off facilities, picnic settings and shelters, and a boardwalk jetty and lookout offering stunning views over the water.

“The site’s 20 kilometres of trails will take people along the water’s edge, through a pine forest, native flora and open grassy areas, which can be traveled on foot or on your mountain bikes and be ready to explore in time for a bumper summer holiday period,” Minister David Speirs said.

Roadside Services and Solutions' Adelaide manufacturing plant – the only signage manufacturing plant in South Australia, was pleased to be awarded the job to manufacture the signs for the eight dams.

The signs include, signs naming the reservoirs and promotional signs showing recreational activities to be enjoyed at each location.

The reservoirs are located at:

Happy Valley
Hope Valley
South Para
Little Para, and
Mt Bold

Roadside has manufactured and installed 11 blue naming signs measuring 3900mm x 1200mm and four promotional signs measuring 4000mm x 3000mm.

Roadside had up to six people working on the manufacture and delivery of the signs for SA Water and a further seven people who installed the signs over a two-week period.

Roadside’s previous work with SA Water has been in producing signs for the renaming of their depots around the state.

South Australia Managing Director Craig Woods said, “We’re proud of our work with SA Water in producing the materials and signage to promote their corporate image.

“South Australians are going to love the ability to enjoy the great outdoors with the opening of these new reservoirs for public recreational use,” Craig Woods said.


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