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Roadside applauds the contribution our women make to delivering the best work

Roadside applauds the contribution our women make to delivering the best work
March 2, 2023
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Roadside Services and Solutions celebrates the significant contributions of women in all fields in our company from customer service officers, to the administration team, civil works, line marking, sign manufacturing, engineers and estimators and those in corporate roles leading the company’s strategy initiatives.

The women at Roadside have broken barriers, shattered stereotypes and paved the way for future generations to thrive.

Our signmaking, civil works, guardrail installation, bollard installation and linemarking divisions would typically attract a very strong male cohort, but Roadside is proud to showcase we have 13 very focused and experienced women standing proudly side by side with their male peers. Our female staff have shown they have the skill, knowledge, and dedication needed to succeed in this male dominated industry.

On this International Womens Day, Roadside is proud to showcase the stories of some of our female staff and their achievements at Roadside.

South Australia

Kelly Hall and Chloe Noble are our administrators within the Civil Works team in South Australia. Kelly and Chloe’s knowledge of the industry is critical in supporting the supervisors and managers in coordinating the civil workers on work sites to deliver projects for our clients.

When talking to Kelly Hall and you ask her what her daily role involves, she quickly replies, ”What don’t I do?”

“My role is quite broad – I set up the jobs in the system, run the inductions, including for the vehicles and trucks needed; I undertake the police clearance and working with children check and so much more.

“When we win a job, I organise the job packs, ordering of materials, liaise with the clients and coordinating installation dates.

“I help with payroll, undertake checks and review travel leave to ensure we have a good staff balance at all times. Every day is different and diverse. This was a new role created when I started. I have no idea how things were done before that as it’s so busy,” Kelly Hall says.

“I’m currently teaching Chloe Noble all the requirements of this job so there will be two of us preparing all the inputs for the civil works team.”

Chloe is completing a Certificate III in Business with on-the-job training as part of her employment with Roadside Services and Solutions focusing on Civil Works to build up essential office skills within the civil construction industry.

Roadside Services and Solutions - South Australia


Nishani Souyma is an engineer and estimator within the civil works team in Victoria.

She joined Roadside in June 2022 and quickly showed her aptitude in being able to work across all divisions including signage manufacturing, bollard installation and civil work scoping and quoting works.  

She holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering with Honours from RMIT University.

“Before coming to Roadside, I worked in residential construction as an intern. I enjoy this role very much, estimating and scheduling. I didn’t think I would be doing this and thought I would be involved with design instead,” Nishani Soumya says.

“In this role I am working with people from the start to the end. From quoting, to winning the job, scheduling, scanning traffic, certifications, signage progress, it’s really rewarding all the way. The biggest challenge is meeting the deadline of tenders.

“I have come a very long way very quickly, overcoming difficult situations. I can see myself moving more into project management roles as my career evolves,” Nishani Soumya says.

Eboni Zanon from Civil Works Victoria, joined the team as a traffic controller and is now completing a Certificate III in Civil Construction on the job as part of her employment with Roadside. She is Roadside’s first female apprentice in this industry.

Roadside Services and Solutions - Victoria

Northern Territory

Born and growing up in Darwin, Natasha Beggs is proud to have been part of Roadside’s Northern Territory operations for five years. She works predominantly in administration but also helps with sign application and manufacturing.

“We have a good team in Darwin and a good working environment. I am proud of what I have been able to learn and achieve in my time at Roadside. This has been everything from preparing purchase orders, preparing quotes, filling sales orders and learning everything from manufacturing to administration,” Natasha Beggs says.

Natasha Beggs and Sandy May work together in the Darwin office. Sandy has been at Roadside for five months. She used to drive coaches for the tourist industry, but a knee injury saw her having to find other roles.

“I went for an office change after years in the tourist industry and it’s certainly a lot less stressful here than driving a coach. It’s a great team and I’m learning all the time the production side of this work and more about graphic design.”

Sandy still manages to fit in her love of driving by driving more than an hour each day commuting from Adelaide River to Darwin and back.

The team at Roadside Services and Solutions recognises all the women in its workforce who stand strongly and proudly next to their male colleagues. They work hard and they are much respected. Their perseverance, hard work and determination to perform well in their jobs is applauded.

Today we celebrate the achievements of all women. We thank them for their contributions and we look forward to a future where more women can thrive and succeed in what are traditionally male dominated industries.

Roadside Services and Solutions - Norther Territory

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