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Roadside bollards certified by Australian-made campaign

Roadside bollards certified by Australian-made campaign
January 19, 2024
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As Australians celebrate all things Australian, Aussie civil works and sign manufacturing company Roadside Services and Solutions is proud of two of its road safety, energy absorbing, protection bollards designed and manufactured in Australia and certified with the Australian Made logo.

The RAM48 hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) bollard and the Energy Absorbing Pole Buffer bollards are certified as genuinely Australian-made products by the Australian Made Campaign.

About the RAM48 hostile vehicle mitigation bollards

The RAM48 range of fixed hostile vehicle mitigation bollards provide a high security option for sensitive and high value locations where protecting people and assets is the upmost priority.

The RAM48 is PAS 68 crash test certified to stop heavy vehicles weighing as much as 7,500 kg travelling up to 48 km/h.

Following impact, the vehicle is stopped and immobilised, and therefore no longer a threat to people and property. The bollard remains in place ready to protect against the next threat or impact.

Roadside Services and Solutions Managing Director Craig Woods says the bollard was proudly designed in Australia by Roadside’s experienced security engineers.

There are four RAM48 models available to protect people and high value assets according to the location’s unique requirements.

“While hostile vehicle attacks are not common, it’s important to know you’re protected. The RAM48 hostile vehicle mitigation bollard is designed to save lives,” Craig Woods says.

“It offers the highest level of protection for sensitive locations and high‑value assets, specifically for places where there is a risk of vehicles losing control or vehicle‑based attacks.

“It is certified to international security standards. Barriers often do not stop vehicles instantly, which means attacking vehicles may travel a significant distance before stopping.

“After an impact, the RAM48 bollard remains in place to protect against the next threat,” Craig Woods says.

The RAM48 impact-tested hostile vehicle mitigation bollards are the safest way to provide a

secure perimeter that will allow access for people while stopping vehicles.

They are ideal for:



Government buildings

High-value property

Hotels and resorts

Infrastructure assets

Leisure and tourism operations

Military assets

Outdoor markets

Parks and public spaces

Pedestrian areas

Religious buildings

Schools and universities

Shopping and retail precincts

Stadiums and sporting venues

About the Energy Absorbing Pole Buffer

The Energy Absorbing Pole Buffer (EAPB) is classified as a non re-directive crash attenuator tested under AS/NZS:3845:1999, for a 1600kg vehicle impact at 60kph.

The EAPB has been designed to safely decelerate and arrest an out-of-control vehicle.

The Energy Absorbing Pole Buffer progressively deforms on impact and absorbs the kinetic energy of the out-of-control vehicle

The EAPB is the only one of its kind and has no equal in the marketplace. Being developed and manufactured in South Australia the EAPB is designed to protect light poles or any important pole infrastructure close to the road.

The EAPB has energy-absorbing qualities designed to withstand an impact of up to 80km/hr.

Craig Woods says Roadside is continually undertaking research and development on its bollards to ensure they continue to meet ever-evolving needs based on new car designs and changing road infrastructure designs.

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