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Roadside congratulates the contribution of women

Roadside congratulates the contribution of women
March 7, 2022
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Roadside congratulates the contribution of women

Roadside Services and Solutions is proud of the contribution our more than 120 staff make to not only the company, but in creating a safer environment for Australians when they venture on the roads to their next destination.

The celebration of International Women’s Day shines the spotlight more specifically on the contribution of women to the workplace and indeed to society, but also how our teams of men and women work together in supporting and forming collaborative working environments.

Roadside Managing Director Craig Woods says, “I’m proud to have such a talented team of people at Roadside.

“We pride ourselves on recognising our highly capable and diverse workforce as a key competitive advantage in industry.

“We are committed to investing in our people to ensure top business growth, performance, and delivery to our clients,” Craig Woods says.

Roadside Services and Solutions employs 4% more females in our workforce compared to the Australian construction industry standard as measured in 2019-2020 (ABS, 2020).

A total of 17% of the Roadside workforce is female which compares to the Industry average of 14%.

“The females in our company undertake a variety of roles from being the champions of leading their departments to undertaking traditionally male-dominated roles.

“We are proud to say we welcome women breaking the glass ceiling. In fact we broke it years ago. We have three women on our senior leadership executive team who head our Corporate Services, People and Culture and Public Relations departments,” Craig Woods says.

Roadside’s South Australian and Northern Territory operations boast one woman working in civil works and two in signage production. In Victoria, the line marking team has a number of women operating the rigs. These jobs are usually dominated by males.

“Our Employment Diversity initiatives integrate all aspects of the business benefiting not only our company but our team and valued customers.

“We are proactive in ensuring our employees represent a diverse range of cultural, ethnic, and circumstantial diversity within our workplace.”

Roadside’s policies ensure the gender pay gap is non-existent. Remuneration decisions are made based on role requirements and not based on gender.

To drive the best performance from employees, Roadside Services promote flexible workplace practices.

These include: supporting mature employees transition to part-time work; and supporting employees who are primary care givers to children with disabilities, providing them the option to work part time and the ability to undertake their work roles in flexible working hours.

Happy International Women’s Day.

“We congratulate all women on this International Women’s Day and every day for the immense contribution they make to our society, our workplaces and our homes,”Craig Woods says.


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