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Roadside encourages further education initiatives among staff

Roadside encourages further education initiatives among staff
January 13, 2021
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Knowledge growth and formalisation of practical experience into qualifications is strongly encouraged among staff at Roadside Services and Solutions.

Upskilling and information growth are two essential tools Roadside Services and Solutions strongly promotes among its staff. Staff who seek to do courses to improve their working performance are encouraged and supported by the Roadside senior management team.

Roadside’s Adelaide-based Civil Supervisor Adam Guy is currently completing a Certificate IV in Civil Construction Supervision in half the time that is usually allocated to the course.

“I am able to complete my Certificate IV in 12 months instead of the standard 24 months because of my current skill level, gained from the many years of experience working at Roadside, which is now being formally recognised,” Adam Guy said.

Among the subjects completed were: Showing leadership in the workplace; implementing operational plans; implementing and monitoring workplace health and safety policies, procedures and programs to meet legislative requirements; supervising civil works; applying site risk management systems; supervising civil works contractors; applying the principles of earthworks construction; developing team and individuals; developing work priorities; implementing and monitoring environmentally sustainable work practices; implementing continuous improvement; communicating information; implementing traffic management plans.

The qualification provides Adam Guy with formal recognition of the supervisory skills and experience that Adam has gained over the years while working at Roadside Services and Solutions. The experience is now backed up by the formally recognised national qualifications.

Roadside Services and Solutions has partnered with nationally accredited Civil Train, the training division of Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) South Australia and will continue to support more staff in the acquisition of formal training qualifications.

According to CCF course delivery staff, the Certificate IV in Civil Construction Supervision will allow Adam to be “more resourceful, productive, and capable” in his job.

Roadside Services and Solutions Director South Australia and Northern Territory Craig Woods said, “We want to ensure we give our employees every opportunity to grow their education, skills and competencies. This not only benefits us as a company, but it benefits all our clients who can be assured of having the A team delivering the works in a professional manner.”

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