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Roadside security fencing installation makes Highbury Aqueduct safer for public enjoyment

Roadside security fencing installation makes Highbury Aqueduct safer for public enjoyment
May 5, 2024
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The Roadside civil works and specialist fencing team is pleased to have successfully erected security fencing to a section of the historic Highbury Aqueduct System in South Australia.

The workscope delivered for South Australia’s National Parks and Wildlife involved the erection of a 50 metre, 1.2m high flat top security fence around a recently restructured and revegitated area of the historic Highbury Aqueduct System.

This section of the reserve is open to the general public.  The construction of a 2 metre rock gabion retaining wall required the outlet to be protected with perimeter fencing to mitigate the risk of accidental slip or injuries from falls.

The project was undertaken by Roadside’s experienced team over a two day period.

Roadside estimator and site supervisor Warren Warde commented on how work had to be designed to overcome the challenges of the task which included rough, slopy and tree studded terrain, exacerbated by the added risk of working at heights.

The completed works have removed a significant hazard providing better public safety. The products used are aesthetically compatable with the surrounding environment.

The Roadside Services and Solutions civil works and specialist fencing team have also delivered significant works for various Ventia, tier 1 construction sites; state and local government facilities, erecting tubular playgrounds and security compliant fencing, chainmesh, post and rail and good neighbour fencing.

Many of these projects involved other Roadside Services and Solutions core products and services such as retaining walls, paving, concrete and bitumen repairs, bollard supply and installation, minor earthworks and drainage.

History of the aqueduct

Th aqueduct was originally designed to deliver water to the newly constructed Hope Valley Reservoir. Construction began in 1870 and when work was completed the aqueduct incorporated 4km of open channel, 800m of above ground pipe and two tunnels covering a further 500m. Water first flowed on 20 June 1872 at a rate of 100ML/day until upgrades in 1952 increased the capacity to 190ML/day. SA Water decommissioned the acqueduct in 2008 and now supply water to the reservoir via underground pipes along Linear Park. In 2011 work began opening the reserve for community recreation and landscape restoration.

Business and industry keen to engage the Roadside Services and Solutions civil works and fencing specialist division can contact: 1300 022 222 or Email for a quote or look over your site works and how they can be delivered.

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