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Roadside values the skills women bring to the business

Roadside values the skills women bring to the business
March 6, 2020
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There is plenty to celebrate this International Women’s Day and every day at Roadside Services and Solutions, a leader in championing equality, diversity and inclusion.

During the past 12 months the company has been successful in attracting more female staff to work in various areas of the operations.

Roadside Services and Solutions proudly boasts that almost 20 per cent of its staff are female and employed in senior management roles as well as in traditionally male work areas such as in the linemarking division.

Linemarking manager Jamie Moxham proudly boasts that one-fifth of his division is female and goes as far as saying the linemarking division at Roadside Services and Solutions would have the highest female workforce in the country.

“I love all my team and having a strong cohort of women brings a new outlook on the jobs to be done. I am proud of them all and the great working team of men and women I have, who deliver the best job for our clients,” Jamie Moxham says.

Roadside Services and Solutions was started 10 years ago by directors Jared Watkins and Craig Woods who proudly appointed a woman as General Manager of the new company.

Craig Woods says having had a female general manager in the business has enticed other women to join the company.

“They are interviewed by a panel of senior males and females and once they see the company’s operations and get a feel of the Roadside culture and staff they sign on with us.”

Roadside Services and Solutions HR manager Catherine Vickers says one of the big attractions for women taking up roles at Roadside is the company’s openness to flexible work.

“We offer part-time options but do not diminish the expertise and skill these people bring to the business.

“Our line marking division’s high ratio of women on the team sees them performing the same work as their male colleagues, paid the same wages and expected to deliver the same high standards we expect of all our employees.

“We’re constantly looking to encourage more females to work in our industry.

“We uphold equal opportunity policies to recognise skill, capabilities, behaviour and performance based on merit. Having a diverse gender balance brings all those values to life,” Catherine Vickers says.

Roadside Services and Solutions takes the opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of all women at this year’s celebration of International Women’s Day.

Photo caption:

Some of the team at Roadside promoting Roadside Services and Solutions equality and diversity on International Women’s Day. Standing: Finna Febriani, Belinda Fowler and Lynda Cox. Sitting: Jill Wong, Catherine Vickers, Kangie Frigo and Andrea Dunkley.
Other female staff across all areas of the operation are: Sandy Newnham, Kim Malek, Laura Butler, Jordann Lee, Natalie Leddick, Natasha Beggs, Amy Bell, Clair Wade and Pauline Capan.

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