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Roadside staff audited 477 locations across Victoria to review and upgrade the state’s fire safety signs.

Roadside staff audited 477 locations across Victoria to review and upgrade the state’s fire safety signs.
February 23, 2023
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Victoria’s fire safety signage received a facelift recently making sure all Victorians and visitors to the State know the fire risk wherever they live or are visiting.

Emergency Services Victoria updated their fire danger ratings last year. This required all Country Fire Authority (CFA) fire danger signs across Victoria to be replaced to meet the new requirements.

Roadside Services and Solutions was awarded the job to not only manufacture and install the signs, but before this process could begin, it required an audit of all signs across the state.

Roadside Services and Solutions Managing Director Craig Woods says: “Our Victorian staff had to audit a total of 477 locations from Mildura to Portland and across to Mallacoota and everything in between.

“In total, we replaced 365 fire danger rating signs, removed 22, and left 90 locations as they were.

“This whole process had us working closely with the CFA to cover all the approximate, known, original sign locations the Roadside team needed to visit and assess.

“This meant we had to relocate any signs that weren’t in an ideal location, and to also compile an extensive pinpointed list, with exact addresses and GPS coordinates of all the new sign locations.

“At the beginning of the project, we were given a list of 365 known locations. Using Google Earth, we were able to find 80% of the locations of the signs. For the rest, our crews used Google Earth for their specific location … and that’s not all … while on the road, the crews found more while on the road trip while travelling the length and breadth of the state,” Craig Woods said.

The Roadside crews assigned to the job of auditing and installing these signs averaged 1200kms travel each week.

The job gave the crew the opportunity to see the state and certainly experience the effectiveness of road signs on all the highways, byways and country roads, making sure they met the road conditions and navigated them to their next location.

Visiting countless towns along the way was a bonus giving the team a great appreciation of all the  people and geography of Victoria.

The Roadside team was proud to coordinate and deliver this work on budget and on time.

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