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New bike path attraction teaches road safety

New bike path attraction teaches road safety
Roadside Services
Roadside Services
September 17, 2019
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Mt Evelyn Skate Park and Playground has a new attraction that is not only colourful and fun but also teaches children valuable road rules when riding their bikes on the road.

Roadside Services and Solutions Line Marking Division’s creative skills were put to the test when Yarra Ranges Council engaged our team’s services to design the new bike path attraction at the park located on Gardner Parade in Mt Evelyn.

Yarra Ranges Council representatives discussed their vision and concept and our Line Marking Division worked through various ways how best to deliver the concept.

Mt Evelyn Skate Park and Playground

Line Marking Division Manager Mr Jamie Moxham said, “When we considered the best way to execute this concept we worked out we would need to implement some manual design and produce it freehand, using good old-fashioned techniques such as a stringline and designing our own templates for the signage lettering.

“It was kind of going back to basics. We live in such a digital world where everything is digitised or calculated by a computer, whereas this job required us to put some of our training from early years into practice and kind of go back to an analogue world and pulling out the abacus.

“The stringline was used to get the radius right and when it came to painting a stop sign on the asphalt, we used one of the signs we manufacture in our plant and cut out the letters and used it as a template to paint the stop sign on the asphalt.

“Basically, we needed to use all our creativity and we’re very happy with the result,” Jamie Moxham said.

bike path attraction

This area of the park was half the size of a basketball court and was not being used, so council repurposed this area into a cycling road safety course. Children can now learn practical road safety cycling skills at the park on the newly painted course all the while enjoying play time.

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