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Third line marking rig added to Roadside fleet

Third line marking rig added to Roadside fleet
Roadside Services
Roadside Services
June 6, 2019
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Investing half a million dollars in line marking equipment brings a new era of readiness for all road marking jobs.

The latest state-of-the-art truck with thermo plastic line marking machine will be operational on Roadside Services and Solutions road jobs in the coming weeks.

Roadside has made a $500,000 investment to purchase a third machine for its line marking fleet to give clients confidence and surety line marking work on Victorian roads and private facilities can be undertaken expertly and quickly.

Roadside’s thermo plastic line marking machines have been in operation for 10 years and the second one has been a more recent addition. This third machine allows Roadside to dedicate one of its current machines solely to yellow line marking.

Currently the two thermo plastic line marking machines have needed to be washed out and swapped to yellow and white paint as job requirements are received, creating productivity losses.

Roadside Services manager of line marking, Jamie Moxham says, “We can now have one machine solely dedicated to yellow line marking and deploy the machine immediately when a job is received.

“This is great news for our clients who can be assured we have the resources and expertise to get to their job done quicker and ensure their project is delivered to the highest Roadside Services and Solutions standards which we always strive to be above industry standards.”

The thermo plastic line marking machine has two major components, the truck which is commonly referred to as the kettle truck. It is loaded with bags of granulated product which are heated in the large kettles on the truck to 200C. These are then transferred to the thermo plastic line marking machine. When the machine is full it begins the line marking job.

“The line marking truck is self-driven. The operator programs the computer with the line lengths and widths and the machine marks the road. The line marking is sprinkled with glass beads for reflectivity at night,” Jamie Moxham says.

“This latest truck brings our fleet to be one of the most modern in the industry with superior computer accuracy, safety inclusions and all current standards fitted on the new equipment. Our older equipment has been retrofitted to ensure the latest technologies are included in our equipment.”

The Roadside line marking team is being fully trained on all operational capabilities of the new thermo plastic line marking machine to ensure they have all the necessary tools and knowledge to operate the machine expertly.

The new truck and thermo plastic line marking machine is being branded in the new Roadside Services and Solutions corporate signage, being fitted with a GPS tracker and fire extinguisher and will be seen hard at work on current council road works and new asphalt overlay works around Melbourne and country Victoria.

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