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RAM48 Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Bollard

RAM48 Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Bollard
February 21, 2020
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Introducing the best public safety measure from vehicular threats

Made in Australia by Roadside Services and Solutions, the RAM48 Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) Bollard has been manufactured to exacting standards to provide safety and public protection. Whether you're dealing with an out-of-control car or an attacking vehicle, the RAM48 provides superior protection against danger in a crowded area.

See the unbeatable stopping power of the RAM48 bollard in the video below. This 7.5 tonne truck is travelling at a speed of 50.4 km/h. The bollard completely restrains the vehicle; the bollard remains in place and if necessary is ready to deflect another vehicle immediately.

Do you have a high value asset or sensitive space that needs protecting? Roadside's high performance hostile vehicle mitigation bollards are your best line of defence.

Features of the RAM48 HVM Bollard

In the past, bollards were made of timber and hollow steel, sometimes with added concrete to bolster the protection factor. Nowadays, rise in terrorism and fatal attacks requires a more robust solution. The RAM48 Bollard has a range of features that make it the superior installation choice to stop vehicular destruction. Here are some of their key features:

  • Ability to stop 7,500 kilograms travelling at up to 48 kilometres per hour
  • Energy absorption to disperse heavy crashes at the point of impact
  • Robust manufacturing to protect against consecutive impacts from multiple vehicles
  • Minimalist design to preserve the aesthetic appeal of public spaces

Australian made

As well as all of the exciting features above, the RAM48 Bollard is the only Australian-made hostile vehicle mitigation bollard available on the market. These bollards are manufactured to the highest international standards, ready to cope with heavy and multiple impacts. Roadside Services is also the only Australian supplier of this protective measure.

Applications of the RAM48 HVM Bollard

The installation of the RAM48 HVM Bollard is recommended to protect the public and increase safety. Crowded spaces like malls, parks, festival venues, and inner-city streets often require additional protection from out-of-control vehicles.

High value assets also require the best in protection. Military locations, airports, government buildings, and embassies often host sensitive materials and personnel, making them prime targets for vehicular attacks and other types of terrorism.

With populations growing around the globe, there is also a need for protecting high traffic areas. Townships, schools, parks, and commercial buildings are often close to main traffic thoroughfares. HMV bollards can ensure that even multiple out-of-control vehicles can be stopped.

Schools and their surrounding traffic zones can be effectively protected by bollards. Find out more in our resource article about bollards in school communities.

Still not sure that the RAM48 HMV Bollard is right for what you want to protect? Get in touch with Roadside Services and Solutions. We will work with you to understand your requirements.

How to secure RAM48 HMV Bollards for your location

The team at Roadside Services and Solutions can consult, quote, plan, and deliver a bollard solution that will protect any space or place.

We understand you need to protect a valuable asset. We offer a streamlined process to deliver quality safety solutions as quickly as possible. Here's how we do it:

  1. Get in touch with the Roadside Services team, and let us know what you need at your location.
  2. Arrange a consultation with our team, to give them a thorough understanding of what's required before they recommend a solution.
  3. We will generate a quote based on our consultation, and conduct an additional free survey of your site, if necessary.
  4. We will then work with you to plan and schedule works at your location, ensuring that there is little downtime on-site.
  5. We will complete your RAM48 HMV Bollard installation on time, within budget, and to specification.

To see similar energy absorption bollards in action, visit our Rundle Mall project case study.

Contact Roadside Services and Solutions

When it comes to protecting your assets from vehicular threats, you need the best in the business. Roadside Services and Solutions creates safer spaces by stopping threats before they can cause damage.

As well as our effective bollards, we also have a range of linemarking, signage, guardrails, and other safety products ready to be employed where you need them.

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