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State-of-the-art bollards powered by a renewable power supply

State-of-the-art bollards powered by a renewable power supply
September 20, 2022
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A recent retractable bollard installation at a warehouse in South Australia’s Beverley area has been connected to a Tesla battery to power the three bollards which protect the entrance to the warehouse.

Roadside Services and Solutions was engaged by a corporate client to upgrade the security of a warehouse by incorporating an advanced retractable bollard system.

The works required the demolition of a 150mm thick concrete slab. A 700mm x 4000mm x 1700mm deep trench was excavated to make way for the customised energy-absorbing bollard (EAB) cartridges to be installed.

The 100mm conduits which housed the hydraulic hoses were connected and directed into the warehouse where the control cabinet housing the powerpack was mounted. A key switch was integrated into the system for added security.

Some of the key features of the installation of these retractable bollards include:

- Utilising the existing renewable Tesla battery pack to run the bollard system in case of a power outage occurs or in case of a felonious attempt to disable the bollard systems by tampering with the electrical supply.

- A compact control cabinet was designed to allow for space-saving purposes as well as the customised door handle eyelet allows for an anti-tamper padlock to be incorporated.

- A direct-to-system key switch also packs a punch to the bollards with its added security feature.

- The design of the retractable bollards system takes into account the feasibility that maintenance works could be conducted seamlessly without having to disrupt the infrastructure. This was imperative to ensure a sustainable system of repairs was possible going forwards. This similar system was installed in Peel Street, Rundle Mall East Entrance, as well as The East End of Adelaide.

- The installed bollards are crash-rated for 50km/hr impact from a 1600kg vehicle, protecting the driver, property, and the individuals behind them.

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