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What are the costs of energy absorbing bollards?

What are the costs of energy absorbing bollards?
Roadside Services
Roadside Services
March 18, 2020
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Installing Energy Absorbing Bollards is an effective and affordable public safety solution.

You can find bollards throughout public spaces in Australia. They're used for things like managing traffic flows, saving car parks, and docking boats.

But Energy Absorbing Bollards do even more; they protect assets, pedestrians and businesses from hostile vehicles, or vehicles that are travelling at high speeds. Additionally, our Energy Absorbing Bollards and designed to minimise harm for drivers and passengers in the case of a collision.

And although they're useful, safe, and aesthetically pleasing, Energy Saving Bollards don't have to be expensive. When you use the right supplier, and your installers undertake an attentive survey before the build date, EAB installation can be extremely cost effective.

Roadside work with schools, councils, government bodies, and many different types of industry to create road safety solutions. Find out more about our Energy Absorbing Bollards and get in touch to find out just how affordable they can be.

What are EABs?

EAB stands for Energy Absorbing Bollard. They look just like normal bollards, but have been rigorously designed to meet high safety standards. While an ordinary bollard might bend and break with limited force, our EABs can stop a vehicle weighing 1600 kg, travelling at speeds of 60 km/h.

If you're interested in finding out more about EABs, and how they work, we have a collection of manuals and brochures on our website available for your perusal.

How much does it cost to install EABs?

The cost of installing Energy Absorbing Bollards is dependent on different variables. For example, during the process of drawing up a quote, you might be asked questions like:

  • How many bollards are required?
  • What is the timeline for the project?
  • Does other work have to be done in the area to prepare the space for installation?
  • Are any other safety features being installed at the site?

At Roadside, we always make sure to conduct a thorough investigation before giving you our quote, to ensure that costs don't swell during construction.

How can I make sure I'm getting a good deal on Energy Absorbing Bollards?

There are a number of ways to make sure you're getting good value for money on EABs:

  • A free quote: In the construction industry, it is not uncommon for a contractor to charge for a quote. That means you, the customer, must pay a fee just to discover that somebody is charging a ridiculous sum!

    However, at Roadside we will draw you up a quote free of charge. We help you to make an informed decision about EAB pricing, without having to pay for the privilege.
  • A free survey: Surveying the site is an important step to ensure that costs won't blow out over the course of the project. When a contractor gives a quote without conducting a survey, the project is exposed to nasty surprises, like  council regulations, immovable objects, and difficult territory.

    Our team at Roadside will conduct a free survey as part of drawing up a quote. You can have confidence that the budget for the job will stick to the quoted price.
  • Accreditation: If an Energy Absorbing Bollard isn't actually able to absorb much energy, it's as good as useless. Make sure you're getting a quality product; look for a company that has relevant accreditation. For example, at Roadside, you can read the testing data for our EABs.

What are the alternatives to Energy Absorbing Bollards?

There are many other devices that are similar to Energy Absorbing Bollards, which might be better suited to your situation. At Roadside, we have a range of products and services that can be custom tailored for all your road safety needs.

We will listen intently during our consultation session, and use that information to devise the best and most affordable solution for you. That might involve, say, retractable bollards, EABs, new signage,  other measures, or a combination of the above.

You can read all about our work. For example, check out the case study of how we helped to solve problems in Rundle Mall, Adelaide's busiest commercial district.

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