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Roadside’s innovation creates a superior retractable Energy Absorbing Bollard

Roadside’s innovation creates a superior retractable Energy Absorbing Bollard
November 18, 2021
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Roadside’s innovation creates a superior retractable Energy Absorbing Bollard

Innovation in creating safer environments is always at the heart of Roadside Services and Solutions equipment and service delivery.

Adelaide City Council recently engaged Roadside to reinstate retractable bollards in the city centre’s fashionable Peel Street precinct that had been significantly damaged.

Roadside Managing Director Craig Woods said we successfully rebuilt and redesigned the automated retractable bollard system in Peel Street.

The damage and limitations of the previous design extensively disallowed a simple remove and replace repair job to be done.  

Roadside’s engineers worked through the problem to create a more sustainable system that could withstand a similar event and ensure reinstatement did not require a whole new assembly to be installed.

Roadside engineers innovated and designed the current system to create:

1.     Ease of maintenance

2.     Simple hydraulic repair or bollard unit swaps in case of damage, provided the damage is not extensive or severe.

A risk assessment of the Peel Street site showed pedestrian crowd-flow being relatively high and the nature of vehicles travelling at speeds greater than 50km/h being low, hypothetically the bollards’ ground unit (casing) will never be damaged to a point at which complete replacement is needed.

Retractable bollard design

Roadside utilised its mechanical engineering expertise in the civil industry to optimise the existing retractable bollard design – integrating dynamic properties into static systems.

“The new design has simpler characteristics but is a more superior approach,” Craig Woods says.

“The design’s main objective was to create an easiness of maintenance and repair works in the future. We have re-engineered the design to be made out of a more rigid structure for its conduits, thus facilitating troubleshooting and repair works.

“Further to that, we have also improved the accessibility of the power pack. With its new spatial arrangement, from a small box to a significantly bigger cabinet, repair works are easily accessible,” Craig Woods says.

Roadside’s Energy Absorbing Bollards are crash-tested to absorb energy during a collision. The bollards create a safe and effective barrier to protect pedestrians, road-users, infrastructure and the restaurants located in the fashionable and high thoroughfare Peel Street area.

The Roadside engineering team is continually innovating and improving the effectiveness of our bollards. The protection of people, public infrastructure and places is paramount to Roadside.

“Our equipment needs to be of the highest quality and engage immediately when needed. Further innovation and improvements are always in progress. This helps ensure the growth of our team in terms of problem-solving skills, to provide the highest standards of quality and efficiency for our clients,” Craig Woods says.

Automation pairs with safety

Hazard mitigation and creating a safer environment are the number one drivers of Roadside’s work delivery and equipment supply. Safety and security are paramount in our mission to provide road safety solutions.

Roadside is proud to service Adelaide City Council in the rebuild and redesign of the automated retractable bollard system in Peel Street.

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