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Students gain experience by developing new products

Students gain experience by developing new products
Roadside Services
Roadside Services
September 4, 2019
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A strong focus on innovation and continual improvement

Roadside Services and Solutions has a strong focus on innovation and continual improvement and is committed to ensuring its high-quality traffic control products are at the forefront of keeping Australians safer.

Roadside’s commitment means ensuring team members are kept up-to-date with technological advancements and implementing new technologies that can enhance the company’s products and services.

This extends to utilising the fresh ideas and competencies of the young people who will be primary beneficiaries of today’s technological advancements.

As Roadside Services and Solutions continues on its journey to provide innovative Australian-first products to vastly improve road safety and save lives, the company will utilise the services of Flinders University, College of Science and Engineering student Romar Castro during a 12-week work experience placement.

His supervisor security engineer Jim Labilles, a member of Roadside’s Engineering Services Division, says Romar’s ideas, developing skills and enthusiasm will be put to good use during the important design phase of the new project.

He says this will include producing a 3D design concept, product artwork and documentation, an FE analysis or simulation of design, if possible, and preparation of a report. This will be in the form of, but not limited to, images, videos, simulation renders, data files and reports both in digital form and hard copies.

Romar is delighted to have an opportunity to participate in this exciting project that will have the capability of saving lives.

“As a keen student of my Bachelor of Information Technology degree, I am confident I can contribute to the development of the product utilising the knowledge I have gained during my ongoing education and my life experiences.

“I thank Roadside Services and Solutions for providing me with such an excellent opportunity to gain exposure to the civil and engineering industry.

“I am really determined to help make a real difference in this project and help put Roadside on the map as an innovative, industry-leading operation,” he added.

Roadside’s managing director Craig Woods is confident the engagement with Romar will play a major role in development of the new product.

“We are committed to constant development and improvement at Roadside and we believe that the fresh ideas, developing skills and enthusiasm of young people such as Romar will help us attain our goals.

“These qualities have been important to us as a company from the outset and will ensure that we continue to stay at the forefront of traffic control solutions,” he added.

Wholly Australian-owned Roadside Services and Solutions produces and distributes a wide range of products and services, including traffic and safety signs, line-marking, safety products, road and footpath plastic products, carpark and industrial barrier products, energy absorbing products such as bollards, and undertakes civil construction works.

Roadside’s sign manufacturing facilities in Adelaide and Melbourne deploy state-of-the-art technology and its exclusive use of ORAFOL products provides unparalleled quality and reliability. The quality management system at Roadside complies with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015 and is externally audited by SAI Global. Roadside Services is also certified in OH & S and Environment.

Roadside Services is qualified to provide advice, supply and install any traffic and safety sign matters, pertaining to the various state guidelines and regulations.

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