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​What type of bollards do I need?

​What type of bollards do I need?
Roadside Services
Roadside Services
May 15, 2019
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Get the right bollards for the conditions at your location

Bollards provide a physical barrier which protects pedestrians, assets, infrastructure and drivers if a vehicle gets out of control. For bollards to do their job effectively, you need to install the correct type for your location.

​At Roadside Services and Solutions, we always recommend comprehensive safety solutions to suit the conditions of your site. Our solutions include bollards, signage, guardrails, and a range of other road safety products.

For expert advice on bollards for your location, talk to Roadside team for advice.

Bollards to suit any location

Our range of bollards is designed to suit a variety of locations, ensuring pedestrians, motorists and property can always be protected. Here is our range of bollards and their specified applications:

Energy Absorbing Bollards

Our Energy Absorbing Bollards (EAB) are engineered to absorb kinetic energy in an impact; they are ideal for:

  • Loading bays
  • Outdoor dining areas
  • Assets such as lightpoles and gantries
  • Anywhere pedestrians and assets need to be protected from vehicles

EABs protect pedestrians and property while also minimising the risk of injury for vehicle occupants. They are crash tested and rated to absorb impacts from vehicles weighing 1,600 kilograms travelling up to 60 km/h.

EABs are ideal for a range of locations where people and assets must be protected, and there is a risk of car accidents.

Learn more about our EABs.


Our EAB20s are installed with reinforced concrete footing and energy absorbing foam; they are ideal for:

  • Car park assets
  • Disabled parking spaces
  • Pedestrian areas in car parks

EAB20s provide a significant advantage over surface-mounted bollards. They are rated to withstand impacts up to 20 km/h while minimising vehicle damage.

EAB20s are ideal for locations which require pedestrian and asset protection but vehicles will only be travelling at low speeds.

Learn more about EAB20s.

Car park pedestrian area energy absorbing bollards

Non-deforming bollards

Non-deforming bollards are installed with reinforced concrete footing; they are ideal for:

  • Along roadsides with an EAB at each end
  • With EABs and safety screens to protect worksites
  • In loading bays with an EAB as the leading bollard

Non-deforming bollards are used to protect assets and pedestrians, and they are typically used in conjunction with Energy Absorbing Bollards or other safety products.

Retractable bollards

Our retractable bollards use an Energy Absorbing Bollard along with a mechanism with retracts into the ground; they are ideal for:

  • Pedestrian malls
  • School and university campuses
  • Locations where unauthorised vehicle access must be prevented

Retractable bollards provide all the same safety benefits as regular EABs while also providing safe vehicle access when necessary. They  are ideal for any location where authorised access is required for service vehicles and emergency vehicles.

Learn more about retractable bollards or see them in action in our Rundle Mall project.

Temporary traffic bollards

Traffic bollards or T-top bollards are a portable and temporary solution for worksite safety; they are ideal for:

  • Construction sites
  • Traffic management
  • Roadworks

While they don't provide physical protection, the fluorescent orange and reflective bands provide a highly visible safety warning to motorists, workers and pedestrians. Traffic bollards are ideal for situations where safety hazards need to be visually communicated.

Why choose Roadside Services and Solutions

At Roadside Services and Solutions, we are industry leaders in road safety solutions. We supply and install bollards to solve the safety hazards at your location. No matter what your site requirements, we will recommend and provide a compliant solution.

As well as bollards, we provide safety solutions which are suitable for wide a variety of road safety hazards. Our team is capable of tackling complex projects which require multiple products and services, so you can get the full solution in one place. Our road safety solutions include:

  • Linemarking
  • Guardrails
  • Signage
  • Plastic products
  • Safety products
  • Civil works

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